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Spirigel With Integral Pump 500ml

£5.99 (Per Pack) Ex VAT
Brand: Ecolab
Availability: In Stock


Already established as the hand disinfectant of choice in many hospitals, Spirigel Alcohol Hand Gel is designed to offer effective hand decontamination wherever it is needed. Because of this, Spirigel has recently been chosen as an approved supplier to the National Purchasing and Supplies Agency contract for alcohol hand decontaminant.

  1. In short, Spirigel provides:
  2. the efficacy of alcohol (tested to EN1500 standards)
  3. the ease of use of a gel formulation
  4. the good hand care provided by an emolliant
  5. the good clinical practice of an integral pump dispenser
  6. the convenience of being available at all points of use

Product Code: MM1.389

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