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CryoSuccess Pack: MMHYF003

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CryoSuccess Cryotherapy Device

The CryoSuccess is a simple and effective handheld cryotherapy device for accurate treatment of skin lesions.  It is ideal for general practice, dermatology, podiatry and minor surgery applications. CryoSuccess incorporates a new improved safety design which allows easy on/off fitting of the cartridge.

The device can be kept in a drawer ready for use at any time and the cartridge can be easily removed for longer term storage or transport, and rapidly reconnected.

The tip is made from a soda clear glass capillary with a diameter of 8mm. To apply the cryogenic liquid gas, the dispenser tip is touched against the skin surface so that the escaping liquid gas directly touches the surface before a gaseous phase transition takes place.

The liquid gas travels at a mean speed of 40 m/s in a phase stable state (gaseous state), enabling cells to be destroyed accurately and safely. For example a target area with a diameter of 10mm and a depth of 3mm can be frozen to -40° within 12 seconds which will ultimately result in absolute cell destruction.


  • Cost per treatment ~ 50p or less
  • Simple pencil type grip for easy use and very accurate application
  • Freezes to -89ºC and to a depth of 3mm
  • Level of cold generated adjusted by the rate at which the button is depressed
  • Using Nitrous Oxide cartridges avoids all of the storage and transport problems associated with liquid nitrogen
  • Ideal for home visits, nursing homes, etc.

Kit contents

  • 1x CryoSuccess (with standard 1mm application tip and protective cap)
  • 1x cartridge
  • 1x pin
  • Comprehensive user instructions
  • ABS protective case

Warranty: 2 years

Product Code: MMHYF003

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