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 One-Way Valve Adult Mouthpiece Inspiratory x 500 ( 3122065 )
3122065 Disposable One-Way Valve Adult Mouthpiece Inspiratory x 500 (3122065 ) Adult Inspira..
£79.99 ex VAT
Accuracy Check Syringe 3 Litre (36-SM2125-STK)
The Micro Medical 3 Litre Spirometer Calibration Syringe is designed to simplify the process of sp..
£315.00 ex VAT
Alpha Touch 65500
The new generation Vitalograph ALPHA Touch is an easy to use, lightweight desktop spirometer ..
£1,295.00 ex VAT
Disposable Nose Clips for Spirometry x 5
Supplied in packs of 5, CareFusion's disposable nose clips are recommended for use during spirometry..
£3.30 ex VAT
Micro CO And SmokeCheck Mouthpieces x 250(36-PSA1200)
One Way Safety Mouthpieces Prevents patient inhaling through the mouthpiece after an expiratory man..
£19.79 ex VAT
Micro Medical MicroLab MK8 Spirometer without Software (ML3500)
  ML3500 MK8 Micro Medical MicroLab Desktop Spirometer with Accessories & Carry Case ..
£1,499.00 ex VAT
Micro Medical MicroLoop MK8 Spirometer without Software (ML3535)
The stylish and flexible MicroLoop Spirometer from CareFusion features a high-definition touch-sc..
£1,199.00 ex VAT
Micro Medical SpiroUSB PC Spirometer (ML2525)
  The revolutionary SpiroUSB Spirometer is PC-based spirometer that connects directly to the..
£1,199.00 ex VAT
MicroLab MK8S Spirometer With Spirometry PC Software (ML3500S)
MicroLab Spirometer with Software The future of portable spirometry All the unit's features ca..
£1,550.00 ex VAT
Vitalograph Alpha Spirometer (65002)
Vitalograph ALPHA is an easy to use, lightweight desktop spirometer that delivers an ideal combinati..
£1,195.00 ex VAT
Vitalograph Alpha Spirometer Paper Pack x 5 Rolls
Vitalograph Alpha Paper Pack x 5 Rolls ..
£89.40 ex VAT
Vitalograph Bacterial/Viral Filters x 50
Unlike barrier filters which trap expectorated matter whilst allowing viruses and bacteria to pass t..
£59.00 ex VAT
Vitalograph Micro Spirometer (63310)
Vitalograph Micro Spirometer (63310) The Vitalograph micro™ is a high quality spirometer at a gre..
£649.99 ex VAT
Vitalograph One Way SafeTway Mouthpieces x 200  (20242 )
 Vitalograph One-Way Safe Tway Mouthpieces x 200  (20242 )  The low cost, low resi..
£36.35 ex VAT

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