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Cervibrush + LBC - (Endocervical Sampler) x 100: MMGYN001

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The unique specially shaped CerviBrush+ LBC collects material from the ectocervix and endocervical zones simultaneously. Both patient and smear taker will benefit from this single use device. Cells are rapidly transferred to the slide using a rolling action, resulting in an even slide. Cells can be fixed immediately, so reducing airdrying and artefacts.

Suitable for conventional and liquid-based Cytology, these endocervical brushes offer an extremely effective method for collecting vulval, buccal, endocervical and nasal surface samples for cytological/ microbiological examination.

Cellular material that has been collected is easily transferred by simply rolling the brush along the surface of the microscope slide.

Its effectiveness in comparison to conventional scrubs has been demonstrated through multiple validation trials.

The specifically designed hexagonal stem is enlarged at the handle section to provide enhanced grip and the brush head can be inserted into a preservative vial and snapped off.


• Snap-off head for liquid-based Cytology
• Ultra-secure brush head
• Hexagonal moulded handle ensures easy rotation and precise sampling

Product Code: MMGYN001

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