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Heine Delta 20 Plus LED Dermatoscope Set A Rechargeable Handle, Hard Case and Charger (K-259.29.420): MMDER008

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Brand: Heine

Heine Delta 20 Plus LED Dermatoscope Set A  Rechargeable Handle, Hard Case and Charger (K-259.29.420)

The DELTA20 Plus offers a choice between dermoscopy with polarised light or with immersion liquids, allowing the examination method to be matched with the respective pigmented skin lesion to obtain the best diagnosis.

Heine have engineered the DELTA 20 Plus to give an even higher diagnotic performance than the DELTA 20, expanding the amount of information that can be used to acheive the most accurate diagnosis for every patient.

This set includes: The DELTA 20 Plus Dermatoscope Head, contact plate immersion N with scale, contact plate polarisation P with scale, small contact plate, BETA L Li-ion Rechargeable Handle, hard case and NT 300 charger.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexibility; polarising filter or immersion liquids
  • 4 high performance LEDs; bright and homogeneous illumination with accurate colour rendering
  • High quality optics with Achromatic two  lens system; unmatched sharpness and resolution
  • Homogeneity; uniformly illuminated field of view edge to edge
  • Thermal Management; utilises ceramics, heat foils and aluminum composite structured heat sinks to guarantee a consistent luminosity and performance throughout the LED's lifetime
  • Durability; LEDs have virtually unlimited working life of 50,000 hours


This set includes:

  • The DELTA 20 Plus Dermatoscope Head
  • Contact plate immersion N with scale
  • Contact plate polarisation P with scale
  • Small contact plate, 8mm dia.
  • BETA L 3.5v Li-on Rechargeable Handle
  • Hard case
  • NT300 charger

Product Code: MMDER008

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