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Mushroom Valves and Washers (KIT5011) CODE:-MMENT-A08: MMENT-A08

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Brand: ProPulse

Replacing the Mushroom Valve & Washer

The Mushroom Valve is specifically designed to prevent water flowing out of the reservoir whilst filling. Should a replacement Mushroom Valve or Washer be required, please follow the steps below:

1.      Remove the reservoir from the Propulse®

2.      Remove the old Mushroom Valve from the reservoir and discard

3.      Insert a new Mushroom Valve into the reservoir

4.      Remove the rubber Washer from the underside of the tank plug hole and discard

5.      Insert a new rubber Washer into the lip on the underside of the tank plug hole

6.      Return the reservoir to the machine




·  When the mushroom valve is fitted correctly, it should lift slightly with the tension of your finger, when pressed.

·  Be careful when changing the valves and washers, as any damage to either will cause the tank to leak.

·  Be sure to check the valves and washers prior to each use, as they do wear through normal use and may need changing – this will help prevent possible damage to the water inlet valve.


Product Code: MMENT-A08

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