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seca 217 Height Measure

seca 217 Height Measure
Brand: Seca
Product Code: MM2.552
£118.80 Inc VAT
Ex VAT: £99.00

"Looking for a height measure that is reliable and can be used in a fixed location or portable.. look no further the Seca 217 is just what you need..."

Seca 217 Height Measure

Designed to offer a solution for organisations requiring a high quality, reliable height measure to be used on sie or off site, the Seca 217 features a large, stable base plate to provide complete confidence in the measurements taken.

The Seca 217 is easily disassembled for transportation, and fits together agan easily when required.  An optional carry case (Seca 414) is avaialble to make transportation and storage safer and more efficient.

The Seca 217's head piece is manufactured from non-warping plastic that slides smoothly on the rod.  For complete ease of use, the rod features a scale on both sides, allowing measurements to be taken conveniently.

The measuring rod can be attached to selected Seca scales (including the 877 and 899 flat scales) using the optional 437 adapter.


  • Large, stable base
  • Easily assembled and taken down
  • Lightweight for easy transportation
  • Convenient scale locations
  • Non-warping head piece


  • Measuring range: 200 to 2,050mm
  • Graduation: 1mm
  • Weight: 3.6kg

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