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C300 Rechargeable Cautery Unit

C300 Rechargeable Cautery Unit
Product Code: MM1.203
£420.55 Inc VAT
Ex VAT: £350.46

C300 Rechargeable Cautery

The low cost C300 rechargeable cautery is perfect for any health professional that requires an easy to use, reliable cautery system.

Supplied with a rechargeable battery handle, 2 burner tips (Ring Cutter and Puncture Point), charger unit and convenient carry case, the C300 can easily be taken on domiciliary visits or conveniently stored away when not in use.

A comprehensive range of burners is available making the C300 versatile for all minor surgical procedures requiring the use of a cautery.


  • Versatile, portable rechargeable cautery
  • Supplied with charger and two burner tips
  • Supplied in a durable carry case


  • Cautery output: 16.8W at 1.2VDC
  • Packed weight: 1kg (approximately)
  • Charging adaptor Input: 230VAC 10%. 45/60 Hz. 100mA
  • Charging adaptor Output: 1.5VDC. 100mA.
  • Battery: 2 - 2.5hr
  • Battery capacity: 12 minutes (peak)
  • Storage: 0°C - 40°C
  • Handle: Powder coated


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